Justin’s Story

I am forever grateful to Bio-Tech for giving me my quality of life back.

In 2002, at age 16 I was involved in a traumatic automobile accident in Mount Airy, N.C. After a high school wrestling practice one day, my step-dad, to my surprise, purchased a brand new car. Being excited about his new car he offered to take me for ride before dinner. Less than a quarter mile away from our house we hit a guard rail while going around a curve. The car accident left me stranded in the woods with both of my legs shattered. Answering my screams for help, a neighbor across the street came to my rescue and waited with me until the ambulance arrived to transport me to the emergency helicopter. I woke up 10 days later in the intensive care unit at Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. Unfortunately, soon after I was told the horrible news that my step-dad passed away at the scene of the accident.

I was a patient at Baptist for an estimated 4 months and went through 27 surgeries. My right leg was amputated and the left leg was saved but resulted in me having a drop foot. Going through the process of surgery after surgery was the toughest time in my life, I thought my life was over. I was discouraged and depressed about the entire situation but Biotech Prosthetics and Orthotics helped to give me light at the end of the tunnel. From the first day I was able to stand with my first prosthesis to today I couldn’t ask for a better quality of care and service. From the receptionists to the practitioners you couldn’t ask for a better staff. I am forever grateful to Biotech giving me my quality of life back. Mike Neal, Tony Saia, and the staff have inspired me to pursue a career in prosthetics and orthotics. I am currently attending a master’s program for prosthetics and orthotics in Long Beach, California with the goal one day to give the same high level of care that I was so fortunate to receive to patients of my own. The experience and skill of Biotech practitioners and technicians are second to none. You won’t ever meet a more dedicated team that truly cares about your rehabilitation and will be there for you through every step. I owe everything to this company and I will always be thankful.

Thanks for enabling me to continue to live and enjoy my life, Biotech.

Justin Webb

Bob’s Story

In 1998 I was in a severe automobile accident and lost my right leg above the knee. I received my first prosthetic from Bio-Tech. A couple of years later, Mike from Greensboro and Tony from Winston-Salem took me to Minneapolis for my first C-Leg. I now have my second C-leg.I get around great, exercise at the YMCA to keep my upper body strength good. I owe a lot to Mike, Bio-Tech and staff for getting my C-Leg and fitting me for the socket that is correct and comfortable.

Bob Romano


Curt’s Story

You can live again and Bio-Tech helped me get there…

It was my senior year of high school- actually, school had just begun. It was September of 2003, a Wednesday afternoon, when I had my accident. I had borrowed a friend’s professional grade lawn mower to get the yard work done and was halfway through when I went to get off to clear some debris. When I went to get off of the mower, I left it running and slipped and fell. My left foot caught the pedal and the mower came up onto my right foot. I realized my leg was badly cut and crawled and hopped to the house calling for help. It all happened very quickly and the next thing I knew I was in the ER at Baptist Hospital and I had to make a decision about my leg. The doctor told me I could have multiple surgeries in an attempt to save my foot and lower leg or I could opt for a below knee amputation. An overwhelming decision for a 17 year old, definitely. I asked the doctor which option would have me up and back to my regular activities the fastest and everyone agreed it would be having the amputation. So, my accident was on a Wednesday afternoon and by Friday morning I had my amputation surgery.

I met Tony from Bio-Tech shortly after my surgery while in the hospital. Tony made me feel hopeful about my life. He was very helpful and caring and spent a lot of time talking to me and my family. He gave me hope and a vision of a normal life. I told him one of my main goals was to walk at my high school graduation to receive my degree and to walk so well that no one would know I was wearing a prosthesis. Tony assured me I would get there. Well, I exceeded all of my goals and then some! Thanks to Tony and Bio-Tech I haven’t found an obstacle yet that I cannot overcome. My amputation hasn’t stopped me- and won’t ever!

There are bumps along the way though. Just like any challenge in life, you have to keep positive and, having the peace of mind that my trust in Tony gave me, along with my strong faith in God and my family’s support, I made it and you can too. There are ups and downs along the way but here I am, nine years later, married with a wonderful wife and three beautiful children, a job I enjoy and a very active and happy life. I am very involved in my church community and find that being a peer support to fellow amputees is a special calling for me. I am happy to be there for others the way Bio-Tech has been for me. It’s so important for a new amputee to realize life isn’t over- you CAN live again and I am proof.


Reggie’s Story (as told by his wife)

Thirteen years ago, we first heard the words ‘Charcot Foot Syndrome’ - a rare complication of diabetes. At the time, it didn’t mean anything to us. It was only later that we understood what it would mean to our lives: “a progressive degeneration of a weight bearing joint, a process marked by bony destruction, bone loss, and eventual deformity. Onset is usually insidious.”

In most cases, including Reggie’s, the bones in the feet and ankles collapse over time. Doctors tried valiantly to slow down the progress of the disease with casts, braces and many surgeries. In spite of everything, we found ourselves sitting in a doctor’s office one day hearing that we had finally run out of options. By this time, he had lost all of the toes on one foot and that ankle had completely collapsed. He was walking on the outside of his foot and ankle which caused wounds that wouldn’t heal. The pain was constant. He was basically ‘living’ in his recliner.

And although we had always known that the possibility of amputation was very real, we were clueless. We didn’t know anyone who had lost a limb. Didn’t know what our life would be like afterwards. Terrified.

The doctor suggested that we visit with the folks at Bio-tech and meet some of the staff there and see what was happening in the world of prosthetics. Two weeks later, we did just that. We met with Mary and Curt who work at Bio-tech. Curt is a below-knee amputee. It was easy to see that the prosthesis did not define him nor limit him. Mary provided a wealth of information about “the process” and what we could expect afterward. Suddenly, it did not seem like this would be the ‘end of the world as we knew it.’ With support from Mary and Curt, we knew that this might actually be the beginning of better days ahead. We decided that we wanted Reggie’s prosthesis to make a statement about him. It would be John Deere green with the bright yellow John Deere logo.

The surgery and recovery went well. True to their word, Curt and Mary came to visit him in the hospital. Some weeks later, he was fitted with his prosthesis. The folks at Bio-tech were always available to answer our questions, make needed adjustments or just encourage us.

We had our John Deere tractor fitted with an extra step so Reggie can climb up on it more easily. We put hand controls on the truck. Life goes on. We feel like the folks at Bio-tech really care about us and are our friends. Life is good!

Reggie's Wife

Sam’s Story (as told by his momma)

Mr. Tony and the other awesome staff at Biotech Prosthetics, treated us with patience, love and compassion.

Our little boy, Sam was 3 years old when his and our life changed dramatically on August the 21st, 2009. Sam was involved in a lawn mower accident and sustained several injuries, but the most severe was that part of his left leg was cut off that day. Thank goodness the doctors at Brenner's Children's Hospital were able to save him and he ended up with a below the knee amputation. Life has been, needless to say, hard and challenging at times since then but thank God Brenner Children's Hospital introduced us to Mr. Tony, as we call him, from Biotech Prosthetics and Orthotics. When I met Mr. Tony, it was like God sent our family an "Earth Angel". That first conversation with Mr. Tony was so very hard, but I felt in my heart how much this man cared and that he would help my little boy walk again and maybe our family could start healing as a whole. When Sam was ready to be fitted for a prosthetic the first time, Mr. Tony and the other awesome staff at Biotech Prosthetics, treated us with patience, love and compassion. They not only helped my little boy get his life back, they helped our family on a continuous basis face the obstacles that have sometimes tried to stand in the way of Sam's progress. They have gone above and beyond in helping us; such as fixing a safety strap on a wheelchair Sam needed when he first came home from the hospital. They have created multiple prosthetics to fit Sam's growing body that are super cool, which not only helps him physically, but has helped him cross a barrier with his peers because they think his leg is so cool therefore they are more supportive and less scared. The staff have also linked us with an individual who has the biggest heart and he has helped us by donating money to pay for some of Sam's prosthetics and his other needs. Even though this has been so hard at times, we as a family have been so blessed to meet people like the ones that work at Biotech Prosthetics and Orthotics. May God Bless Each and Every One of you.

Holly Clark (Sam's Momma)

Jerry’s Story

“Words can't say how grateful I am to Reggie for all he has done for me”

At the age of 21 I was told I had diabetes and high blood pressure but,  I was young and didn't know much about it so, lived my life as I was before. I was working and even had my CDL's and was loving life. Then, all of that changed when I started getting sick and my diabetes really took a toll on me. I was 30 and living in Winston when my heart stopped and I was on life support for 9 days. The diabetes had really started taking control of my life and that is when I noticed my feet were changing as well. It started out with sores on one foot… then the other foot would get them. I went to the doctor and by the time it was all said and done I found out I had charcot. I went to one place in Winston and they worked with me and put me in a cast but by the time I got home I noticed something was wrong. It was late that night and I was alone so I got a knife and took the cast off. My foot was badly swollen and looked worse. I went back to the place that put it on and they wanted to put another cast on and fit me for a special boot. The boot worked for a while but I noticed that the foot was changing so I told them that it was loose. They told me to put a sock in it instead of fixing it for me!  I was so angry. By this time I was starting to have problems with the other foot as well. The doctors told me that I was going to have to have my feet taken off. I was depressed, hurt and angry. I thought life was through until I found a new doctor that was starting a practice here in Winston, “ Dr. Timothy Vogler”. I guess you could say he was heaven sent. I went to him and he saw my feet and said, “ I think I can fix them“. Now,  by this time I was in a wheel chair and had even lost my fifth toe on my left foot. My life was not looking very good at this time!  I had my right foot with charcot which made all the bones break so on the bottom of my right foot was a big knot. Hard to believe, but the left foot was even worse then the right!  Not only had I lost my toe, ( I had charcot in that foot as well ), but all my bones shifted up and I was walking on my toes. Dr. Vogler had his work cut out for him. So, we took it one foot at a time. First the right foot because it wasn't as bad and I had to get to walking on it first. After starting work on my right foot, Dr. Vogler sent me to Reggie, my Angel that heaven sent into my life. You know it seems that when life looks like there is no end and you just want to give up someone steps into your life and changes your life completely. Dr. Vogler took care of the broken bones and the deformed feet and then he led me to Reggie. It took time but Reggie worked with me. We started with a crow boot on the right foot and I was on my way! Now it was time to have surgery on the the left foot and I knew it was going to be a painful road but, with the Team at Dr. Vogler’s and the Team at Reggie's office, I knew deep down I was going to walk again without a walker or a cane. So, once the surgery was done and my foot was healed,  it was time to see Reggie again for the left foot. We made the mold and got the measurement and in no time I had my crow boot for that foot and by this time I was in a shoe with a double upright metal brace on the right foot.  With all the help from the doctors, family, and friends my life was looking up and I was on my way!  Reggie was amazed at how fast I was healing and it wasn't long until I was being fit for a shoe and brace for the left foot.

You don't realize how hard life is when you go from walking one day to being in a wheel chair the next day and being told you are going to lose both feet. You just want to give up on life. Dr. Vogler and Reggie at Bio-Tech  changed my life. I went from not being able to get a glass of water by myself or even going to the bathroom alone to being myself again.   It was like I wasn't a man anymore… I was just a body that had to depend on someone 24-7. Now I am walking! I can remember the first thing I said when I was able to just go to the restroom without any help.  I said “I feel like a Man again”. Words can't say how grateful I am to Reggie for all he has done for me. All I have to do is call and his team there at Bio-Tech works with me and gets me in when I need anything done for my shoes now. I tell everyone I know about how great Reggie and his team are and I recommend Bio-Tech for all your prosthetic and orthotic needs.

Jerry Coffey